The Seven Critical Issues to Consider When Hiring A CPA

Because having a friend at CPA Georgetown KY can make a world of difference in your business

1. A good CPA communicates the way you do
2. A good CPA stays in touch
3. A good CPA teaches
4. A good CPA looks out for you
5. A good CPA is up-to-date
6. A good CPA helps you with your goals
7. A good CPA represents you in case of an audit

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Why a Small Business Owner Like You Needs a CPA Like Me

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Chester Muir and CPA Georgetown KY is my small business.

No matter what your business or how well you are doing, you need a friend in the tax business and that's where I come in.

You may need yearly or quarterly reports and financial statements filed with your city, state and federal government, board of directors or your bank. Whether you need tax planning and preparation, financial statements, bookkeeping services or financial consulting, CPA Georgetown KY is the service you can count on.

As a CPA, it's my job to understand the constantly changing tax laws and how they affect you. What impact do those changes have on your business? What if you have to fire or lay off employees? Is installing new carpeting a capital expenditure that can it be depreciated over several years, or is it repairs that can be taken as a deductable expense?

It is routine for a CPA to prepare corporate and personal tax returns, but I can help you with every stage of your business, whether you are a new startup or a well established business planning for the future.

There's always a strategy involved in maximizing your
deductions and minimizing your expenses.

That's why it's important to have a close relationship with your CPA. We make sure you aren't missing out on tax strategies that can save you a bundle and we help you avoid issues with the government. The last thing you need is an unpleasant audit with the Internal Revenue Service.

Your CPA should be able to do anything from preparing your taxes to helping you identify growth opportunities in your business and at CPA Georgetown KY, we do something that's unique in the accounting business. We teach you how to find the CPA that's right for you. How are you supposed to know if one CPA is any better, different or worse than another? Click here to download or view the complete FREE REPORT: 7 Critical Issues

What No One ever Tells You About Getting Ahead in Business

Even if you have a bookkeeper now, it may benefit you to consider what a qualified outside CPA can do for you. It's been said that there are four critical relationships that every business owner needs as trusted friends and advisors, a CPA, a Banker, a Lawyer and a Marketing Consultant who understands what it takes to get results from your hard earned advertising dollars.

The best FREE business advice I can give from CPA Georgetown KY is this. Find and become friends with these four business professionals, because this group can play a critical role in your professional and personal life. The closer your relationship, the more inclined they will be to look out for you, and help you. That's really important!

– Make Yours A Mastermind –

Napoleon Hill first described this concept in his 1937 classic book on personal achievement, Think and Grow Rich, as a Mastermind Group. A mastermind group consists of a small number of like-minded individuals who commit to helping each other. They are people you should be able to count on individually or as a group for vital advice or support.

One of the most famous mastermind groups in history was Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone. These three are considered the greatest industrial minds of the 20th century and they were such close friends that they actually went on yearly "camping" adventures together and then together they changed the world.

It's just human nature and it's why "friend helping friends" is such a powerful statement. We all want to help our friends.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you go camping and I'm not saying that you try to force a friendship that isn't there. I'm just suggesting that you start building relationships with these four critical advisors and I'd like to fill the role of your CPA advisor.

If you don't have advisors in the Banking, Lawyering or Marketing categories, let me know and I'll introduce you to some of my friends. (See how that works?)